Apply to the Tech Center

Apply for the 2021-22 school year


The application system is now open!

If you missed the first round of applications, now is your chance! Follow the instructions below to apply.

To Apply: Go to and click the red "Login with RapidID" button.**

It will look like this:


**If you are not currently a Chesterfield student, please create an account.

Choose which programs you would like to apply for.

You are welcome to apply for up to 3 programs.

For the programs that have Economics & Personal Finance as an option, be sure to select whether you would like to take this course or a program related course.

The application will include three short answer essay questions. We will ask you to respond to the prompts with 100-250 words per question.

For all essay questions, responses in English are preferred for ease of reading by our staff. However, you may respond in the language most comfortable for you. Responses will not be evaluated for grammar or spelling, but complete sentences are preferred for ease of reading.

You will receive an email once your acceptance or waitlist status has been updated.

Due to processing time, it may take up to two weeks for new applicants.

Once you receive notification that your acceptance or waitlist status has updated, please follow these steps:

1. Go to and log in to find acceptance offers and/or waitlist offers on your application dashboard. Be sure to click the red RapidID button to log in if you are a current CCPS student! Using your Chromebook is the best method.


2. Accept or Decline your offer! You may have multiple acceptance offers. If you have more than one acceptance offer, you may only select ONE to attend. 

We ask that you accept or decline any offers once you have made your decision so the tech center can inform your high school counselor for scheduling purposes. 


For more information, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

Acceptance Process Frequently Asked Questions

Can I accept more than one placement offer?
No. Once you accept one offer, you need to decline all other placement offers. It has no impact on wait-list offers.

If I decline a placement offer, can I change my mind later?
Once you decline an acceptance offer, you will not be able to change your mind, as that slot will then be offered to another applicant.

Can I accept a placement offer and remain on a waitlist?
You can accept a placement offer and remain on one or more waitlists. You may not accept more than one placement offer.

Do I have to accept any of the waitlist offers I received?
If you do not want to remain on any waitlist, you must decline them individually. Accepting one does not accept or decline other waitlist offers.


Can I accept multiple waitlist offers?
If you want to remain on multiple waitlists, accept each waitlist individually.


What happens if I get moved from a waiting list to a placement offer?
Congratulations! At that point you can accept or decline that offer. If you accept the new offer we ask that you decline any previous placement offers. You will still be able to remain upon any waitlists that you have accepted. Emails will be sent notifying you if you are accepted off of a waitlist.


How often are new placement offers being sent out?
We will be moving students from waitlists to placement offers as often as there are available seats.


Why does my status say ineligible?
Students marked ineligible are not able to be considered for the program. Please feel free to email for any inquiries regarding ineligibility.

Feel free to contact Mrs. Courtney Merridew ( or Mrs. Caroline Leone (, CTC school counselors, if you have any questions about the application process.