Hull Street Campus

One Year

Occupation Opportunities
Mechanical Engineer
Automated Manufacturing Technician
Manufacturing Systems Engineer

Certification Opportunities

Workplace Readiness Skills
Credits for this Program Include:
Manufacturing Systems I (1 Credit)
Manufacturing Systems II (1 Credit)
AP Computer Science Principles (1 Credit)

Preferred Aptitudes
Strong mathematics ability

This course provides an orientation to careers in various fields of manufacturing and engineering. Emphasis will be placed on the topics of manufacturing systems, safety, materials, production, business concepts and strategies, and the manufacturing process. Students participate in individual and team activities to create products that demonstrate critical elements of manufacturing. Students also focus on physical materials and processes as they fabricate usable products and conduct experiments. Learning experiences include career analysis as well as the use of tools and equipment related to analysis, testing, and processing of metals, plastics, woods, ceramics, and composite materials. As a continuation of this course, it is recommended for students to take Mechatronics and Robotics after successfully completing Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing.

Advanced Engineering & Manufacturing