This one-year course explores greenhouse production of plants including popular flowering potted plants, tropical, and bedding plants. Also included is the production of vegetables in the greenhouse such as micro-greens and tomatoes. Students study plant nutrition, basic botany, soil science, plant propagation and organic/sustainable methods to produce these crops for local farmers’ markets and restaurants. Course content also includes the production of vegetables and fruits using sustainable/organic methods of growing crops and agribusiness. Students who successfully complete this course are well prepared to enter the workforce or pursue post-secondary education. Students who continue their education will pursue fields of study that could include soil science, nutrition, environmental and conservation scientist, and crop production for food and beauty.

Courthouse Campus

One Year

Occupation Opportunities
Soil and Plant Scientist
Nursery & Greenhouse Manager
Agricultural Engineer

Credits for this Program Include:
Intro to Plant Systems (1 Credit)
Greenhouse Plant Production & Management (1 Credit)
Floriculture (1 Credit)

Preferred Aptitudes
Physical endurance to stretch, reach,
bend, stoop and stand for long periods of time
Tolerance for pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals

Plant Systems & Floriculture