Hull Street Campus

Two Years

Occupation Opportunities

Certification Opportunities
Virginia Board of Barbering Licensing Exam
Credits for this Program Include:
Year 1: Barbering I (3 Credits)
Year 2: Barbering II (3 Credits)

Preferred Aptitudes
Excellent attendance
Good interpersonal skills and positive attitude
Physical endurance to stand for long periods

This two year program is designed to prepare students for the Virginia Board for Barbering Licensing Examination. In year one, students study in a clinical lab setting, using mannequins and each other for manipulative practice. The program emphasizes safety and sanitation, communication, and management skills. In year two, students apply their knowledge of barbering skills in a clinical lab setting, using mannequins and live models for manipulative practice. Advanced students with their own transportation and good attendance may be able to work at professional barber shops in the area.

To be eligible to take the Virginia Board of Barbering Licensing Examination, students must pass both years of Barbering, have all competencies completed, and 840 hours of instruction. The board requires students to provide two forms of Government-issued forms of identification.

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