Advanced Biotechnology
(Previously Environmental Biotechnology)

This one-year course is a cutting-edge opportunity for students preparing for science related careers in research, biology, animal science, forensics, genetics and other biotechnology fields. The course explores the complexities of scientific research and enables students to apply various facets of biotechnology in fields of science. Throughout the class, students are encouraged to critically think and are challenged to use equipment and techniques common in research lab facilities. 

This program includes one credit of Advanced Placement (AP) Biology which gives students an opportunity to earn college credit through the AP Exam.

Hull Street Campus

One Year

Occupation Opportunities
Animal Scientist
Environmental Scientist
Forensic Scientist

Credits for this Program Include:
Biotech Foundations in Agriculture
& Environmental Science (1 Credit)
Biotech Applications in Agriculture (1 Credit)
AP Biology (1 Credit)

Preferred Aptitudes
Strong in Math and Sciences
Completed or concurrently in Chemistry

Completed Biology 1