Veterinary Science & Anatomy

Chesterfield Career & Technical Center offers two Veterinary Science programs.

This page addresses the program held at the Courthouse campus, which offers a dual enrollment opportunity and discusses both small and large animals.

Courthouse Campus

One Year

Certification Opportunities

Veterinary Assisting Career Studies Certificate

Beef Quality Assurance Certification

Workplace Readiness Skills

Credits for this Program Include:

DE Veterinary Science I (1 Credit)

DE Veterinary Science II (1 Credit)
Small Animal Care I (1 Credit)

Honors Anatomy & Physiology (1 Science Credit)

Dual Enrollment registration required for all participants.

This academically challenging course held at the Courthouse campus combines classroom discussion and hands-on training featuring large and small animals (horse, cattle, sheep, dogs, cats) in a simulated veterinary hospital environment. It is designed for disciplined and academically motivated students considering college and careers in animal science, veterinary medicine, government regularly agencies, pharmaceutical research, agriculture production and pet industries. Course content includes anatomy and physiology of animals, introduction to animal science (horse, cattle, sheep), veterinary assisting and office procedures, companion animal behavior and management (dog, cat). Students will be prepared to pursue college pathways and entry level career opportunities in related fields, as well as receive Workplace Readiness Certification. A lab and uniform fee are required.

Because dual enrollment participation is required for all students in this program, applicants must meet Blue Ridge Community College's eligibility criteria for dual enrollment students in order to be admitted to the course.