Computer Networking

In this two-year program, students develop skills in design, configuration, and maintenance of PC/laptop/networking hardware, software, peripherals, cabling, and small-office/home-office (SOHO) network design. The course covers industry standards for network protocols, topologies, design, security, and protection. An introduction to converged networking (voice, video, and data) is also provided. Eligible students may continue to second-year, with a focus on the design, configuration, and maintenance of switches and routers, LANs and VLANs. Specifically students configure and troubleshoot LANs, WANs -- including PPP, VLSM, and the configuration and implementation of access control lists, and other security mechanisms. A study of advanced wireless business network technology is included.

Courthouse Campus

Two Year

Occupation Opportunities
Network Systems Administrator
Information Technology Specialist

Certification Opportunities
CompTIA Network+ 
CompTIA A+ for Computer Systems Track
CompTIA Security+ for Cyber Security Track

Credits for this Program Include:
Year 1
Cisco I and II (.5 Credit Each)
Computer Systems Tech (1 Credit)
Entrepreneurship (1 Credit)
Year 2
Cisco III and IV (.5 Credit Each)
Adv. Computer Systems Tech (2 Credits)

Preferred Aptitudes
Ability to remain focused while working at a
computer for long periods of time

Dual enrollment credits may be available for eligible students

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