College Electricity

Electricity is offered as a standard-level or College-level course. Students should apply for the level in which they are interested. Students wishing to apply for College Electricity must meet the community college's eligibility criteria to participate in the course.

This program is designed to prepare students to work in a residential, commercial or industrial area of electricity. Students learn blueprint reading, problem solving, troubleshooting, wiring skills, and become familiar with the National Electric Code. Successful and eligible students may interview with local contractors at the end of the course for work based learning opportunities: internships or apprenticeships. These positions can be held during a student’s senior year.

Internship: Working with a local contractor for experience and no high school credit. 

Apprenticeship: Working with a local contractor for approved apprenticeship hours through the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry. 

Courthouse Campus

Occupation Opportunities
  General Contractor

Certification Opportunities
  NCCER Certifications

   OSHA-10 Certification*

  *required to continue in the course
Credits for this Program Include:
  Electricity I (1 Credit)
  Electricity II (2 Credits)

Preferred Aptitudes
  Physical endurance to crouch, bend,
  and stand for long periods of time
  Work with precise standards of accuracy
  Good mathematical ability

Dual Enrollment required for students participating in College Electricity