Dental Careers

Students are introduced to the careers in dentistry, including dentist, hygienist, dental assistant, dental laboratory technician, and dental receptionist. Students practice and learn about many of the skills utilized in these professions while attaining all the skills necessary to become dental assistants. Study includes infection control and OSHA standards; anatomy and physiology; tooth morphology; oral histology; preventive dentistry; applied psychology; effective communication; office administration and management; use of dental software; operative dentistry techniques; dental materials/laboratory skills; and more. To be eligible for the second-year course acquire X-ray certification. During the second year, students are required to participate in the Workplace Transition Program at approved local dental offices or dental labs. Second-year students must possess a valid driver’s license and provide their own transportation to work sites. 

Courthouse Campus

Two Years

Occupation Opportunities

Dental Assistant


Radiologic Technologist

Certification Opportunities

Dental Assisting Assessment

X-Ray Certification

Credits for this Program: 

Year 1 
Dental Occupations I (2 Credits)

Medical Terminology OR

Econ/Personal Finance (1 Credit)

Year 2 
Dental Occupations II (2 Credits)

Intro to Health & Medical Sciences (1 Credit)

Preferred Aptitudes

Good communication skills

Strong responsibility and enthusiasm

Work well with patients who are

frightened or upset

Strong in Biology and Chemistry