Dental Occupations

Students will learn basic dental anatomy, charting, instrumentation, radiographic techniques, use of dental equipment, and other dental skills. A lab fee and uniform are required. To be eligible for the second-year course, a student must earn a final grade of C+ or better and have no more than 4 CCTC absences in the first-year course, and acquire X-ray certification. During the second year, students are required to participate in the Workplace Transition Program at approved local dental offices or dental labs. Second-year students must possess a valid driver’s license and provide their own transportation to work sites. The second-year
course is not open to postgraduate students.

Desirable Aptitudes

  • Good communication skills

  • Strong initiative and enthusiasm

  • Accept responsibility and follow detailed instructions

  • Work well with patients who are frightened or upset

Recommended Preparatory Courses

  • Earth Science

  • Biology