In this one-year program, creative applications on the computer are explored, using the latest versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Designs for digital graphics, layouts for publishing, and animated movies are created. Student artists use digital cameras, drawing materials, scanners, and digital tablets to create, input and design images. Second semester of the first year focuses on animation, using Photoshop and working in teams. Professional portfolios are created. Students will create self-promotional materials to help present themselves as design professionals. This course will also incorporate entrepreneurship to learn how to manage a digital arts related company.

Hull Street Campus

One Year

Occupation Opportunities
Graphic Designer

Certification Opportunities
Adobe Illustrator Certification
Credits for this Program Include:
Graphic Communications Systems (1 Credit), Digital Visualization (1 Credit),
Modeling & Simulation (1 Credit)

Preferred Aptitudes
Self-motivated and able to work
Must be able to sit at a computer for an
extended period of time
Previous experience with computer skills
and computer art classes recommended

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