Early Childhood Education

(Previously Child Development)

This two-year program prepares students to be primary providers of home, family, or institution based childcare services by focusing on the planning, organizing, and conducting of meaningful play and learning activities; child monitoring and supervision; recordkeeping and referral procedures and work-based learning experiences in on-site pre-kindergarten classes under the supervision of the instructor. Students also prepare for continuing education leading to career in early childhood fields (e.g., medical, social services, education).  During the second year, students focus on occupational skills needed by personnel employed in early childhood-related careers, such as education, medical/health care, social services, counseling, psychology, and entrepreneurship while continuing work-based learning experiences. This program prepares students for the Child Development Associate (CDA) certification to either earn during their second year of the program or soon after pending completion of all requirements.


This program will be held at the Chester Early Childhood Academy. Transportation will be provided from the home high school to the Courthouse Tech Center location, then from Courthouse to the Chester Early Childhood Academy.

Chester Early Childhood Academy

Two Years

Occupation Opportunities

  Child Care Worker 

  Elementary School Teacher

  Teacher Assistant

Certification Opportunities

  CPR/First Aid and AED

  Child Development Associate (CDA)

Credits for this Program Include:

  Year 1

    Early Childhood Ed. I (2 Credits)

    Intro to Early Childhood Ed. (1 Credit)

  Year 2

    Early Childhood Ed. II (2 Credits)

    Work Based Learning (1 Credit)

Preferred Aptitudes

  Ability to work independently with small children

  Enjoy teaching and supervising children

  Good interpersonal skills and initiative

  Demonstrate adaptability to change