Emergency Telecommunication

proposed offering for the 2023-24 school year

Hull Street Campus

One Year

Occupation Opportunities


Certification Opportunities

Certified Emergency Telecommunicator Examination

Credits for this Program Include:


Preferred Aptitudes

Ability to stay calm in an emergency

This one-year program is designed to provide the beginning telecommunicator with an understanding of situations encountered in an emergency communications environment. The student will be able to summarize issues involving the telecommunicator’s role and responsibilities as a member of the health and public safety environment. The student will also be able to summarize issues involving resources available to a telecommunicator, the importance of maintaining confidentiality, and liability and legal issues involving emergency telecommunicators and their agencies. The student will be able to describe the process of stress management, inside and outside a communications department/center. The student will develop the entry-level skills needed in a telecommunications environment for rescue, fire, and police.