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This one-year honors course is a cutting-edge opportunity for students preparing for careers in research, forensics, genetics and other biotechnology fields. The course explores the complexities of scientific research and enables students to apply various facets of biotechnology in the fields of plant and animal agriculture, the environment and food science. Throughout the class students are encouraged to critically think and are challenged to use equipment and techniques common in research facilities. Emphasis is placed
on continuing education requirements pertaining to professional career paths in biotechnology. This course will be displayed on a student’s schedule, report card and transcript as two 1.0 credit honors science courses and one 1.0 credit honors elective course. A lab fee and uniform are required.

Honors Level Course

Preferred Prerequisites

  • Biology 1

  • Algebra 1 or equivalent

  • Chemistry 1 (or current enrollment)

Credential & Licensing Opportunities

  • NOCTI Agricultural Biotechnology certification

Environmental Biotechnologies