Get an edge on the competition

Industry credentials are a way of demonstrating mastery of a professional skill set. Third-party agencies create exams that allow a person to become licensed or certified in a specific area. These credentials are often more important to employers than grades, degrees, or college credits. Whether you are competing for a job or pursuing college admission, industry credentials can give you a boost by showing that you know your stuff.

Every Tech Center program offers at least one type of professional credential. Below are just a few examples of certifications that CTC graduates proudly list on their resumes.

Workplace Readiness Skills

Licensed Practical Nurse

Certified Nurse Aide

Certified Physical Therapy Assistant

ServeSafe Certification

Adobe Certified Associate

ASE Student Certification

Cisco Certified Networking Associate

Firefighter Certification

Emergency Medical Technician Examination

Virginia Barbers Examination

...and many more!

Industry Credentials