Landscaping &

Turfgrass Management

This one-year course includes instruction in plant nutrition, soil science, basic botany, grounds maintenance, turfgrass, and landscape design. Students study the proper care of lawns, trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials. Students actually grow commonly used perennials and annuals. Instruction in the proper use of landscape/gardening tools, machinery, and chemicals is an essential part of the course. Using the knowledge they acquire from studying plants used in landscaping, students plan and draw a landscape design. Students who successfully complete this course may pursue career opportunities at parks, golf courses, nurseries, country clubs, garden centers, with tree and landscaping companies or with government agencies.

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Environmental Biotechnologies

Courthouse Campus

Occupation Opportunities
Soil and Plant Scientist
Nursery & Greenhouse Manager
Environmental Analysis Technician

Certification Opportunities
Workplace Readiness Skills
Credits for this Program Include:
Landscaping I (1 Credit)
Landscaping II (1 Credit)
Turfgrass Establishment & Maintenance (1 Credit)

Preferred Aptitudes
Physical endurance to stretch, reach,
bend, stoop and stand for long periods of time
Physical strength to lift up to 60 pounds