Mechatronics & Robotics

Hull Street Campus

One Year

Occupation Opportunities
Mechanical Engineer
Automated Manufacturing Technician
Manufacturing Systems Engineer

Certification Opportunities

Workplace Readiness Skills

Credits for this Program Include:

Mechatronics I (1 Credit)
Mechatronics II (1 Credit)
Industrial Robotics Technology (1 Credit)

Preferred Aptitudes

Strong mathematics ability

This program explores an interdisciplinary area of engineering that combines mechanical and electrical engineering and computer science. This course provides a depth and breadth of the basic skills required in today’s automated manufacturing environment. Students will examine career fields, build circuits, and use principles of physics to analyze basic electronic and robotic components.  This course leads to industry certification options to further validate their mastery of related skills.

It is recommended for students to take Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing after successfully completing Mechatronics and Robotics.