Plumbing & Pipefitting

This program is designed to prepare students to install, alter, and repair pipe systems for residential and commercial applications. Students are also taught how to install, service and repair various plumbing fixtures and appliances. Students are prepared to begin employment in the field after completing the course, whether part-time during senior year or full-time after graduation. Alternatively, many students choose to pursue different trades courses in junior and senior years in order to become cross-trained in different skill sets and enhance their employability.

Courthouse Campus

One Year

Occupation Opportunities
  General Contractor

Certification Opportunities
  NCCER Certifications

  OSHA-10 Certification
Credits for this Program Include:
  Plumbing I (1 Credit)
  Plumbing II (2 Credits)

Preferred Aptitudes
  Physical endurance to bend, crouch, and
  stand for long periods of time
  Work with precise standards of accuracy
  Good mathematical ability