Making it Easier to Graduate!

High-schoolers nowadays have such packed schedules! With just seven spots in a Chesterfield student's class schedule, how can they give up three periods to a Tech Center class?

It's no secret that this sometimes means making a tough choice. Some kids give up a prized elective or take an online course to make room for their Tech Center program.

There's great news for prospective students. Starting in 2020-2021, we'll be offering the option of taking Economics & Personal Finance as a third credit with several of our programs. Economics is a a Virginia state graduation requirement, so knocking out that credit can allow a little more breathing room in a class schedule.

Courses that will offer Economics as an option in 2020-2021 include:

Baking & Pastry Arts

Culinary Arts

Dental Occupations

Emergency Medical Technician

Legal Systems Administration

Medical Assistant

Nail Technician

Nurse Aide

Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow

For students who choose to take Economics at their home high school instead, an alternative course will be available that complements the Tech Center program. For example, Emergency Medical Technician students who don't take Economics at the Tech Center will take Medical Terminology. Culinary Arts students not studying Economics would be able to take Entrepreneurship.

We're excited to see how this change benefits our students! And if you're still scratching your head over fitting a Tech Center program into a high school schedule, be sure to check in with your school counselor to help you make a plan. They're an invaluable resource!

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