This two-year program will introduce students to the professions of physical and occupational therapy. Students will explore the principles and practices of therapists in the health care industry and observe clinical settings. Students will gain an awareness of and participate in clinical observation under the direct supervision of a licensed physical and/or occupational therapist. These clinical skills will enable them to better understand rehabilitative care, which is practiced throughout the continuum of care and across the life span of individuals. After successful completion of this course and passing a national certification exam, students may choose to pursue employment as a certified physical therapy aide or may seek higher education for specific degrees/licensure in a variety of fields such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, sports medicine, athletic training, chiropractic medicine, biology, or exercise science.

To be eligible to take the Certified Physical Therapy Aide assessment, students must pass all competencies and provide a government-issued form of identification. It is also required for students to participate in clinical experiences to sit for the assessment, which requires passing a criminal background check.

Hull Street Campus

Two Years

Occupation Opportunities

Physical Therapist

Speech-Language Pathologist

Athletic Trainer

Personal Trainer

Certification Opportunities

Workplace Readiness Skills

Certified Physical Therapy Aide

Credits for this Program Include:

Year 1
Physical/Occupational Therapy I (3 Credits)

Year 2

Physical/Occupational Therapy II (3 Credits)

Preferred Aptitudes

Strong mathematics and science ability

Ability to stand for long periods of time

Ability to occasionally lift up to 50 pounds

Physical & Occupational Therapy