Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow

Virginia Teachers for Tomorrow (VTftT) fosters student interest, understanding, and appreciation of the teaching profession and allows secondary students the opportunity to explore careers in education. Students will build a  foundation for teaching by learning the history, structure and governance of teaching, applying professional teaching techniques in the VTfT classroom and in field experiences, and reflect on heir teaching experiences. Additional educational leadership opportunities are offered through the student organizations, FCCLA (Family Career and Community Leaders of America) and Educators Rising. In this course, there will be a focus on both elementary and secondary teaching and will adjust the focus based on the interest of the class. When applying, please make note whether you prefer an elementary or secondary (middle and high school) focus.

Also in Education:

Early Childhood Education

Courthouse Campus

One Year

Occupation Opportunities
Secondary School Teacher

Instructional Assistant
Preschool Teacher
Elementary School Teacher
Child Care Worker

Certification Opportunities

Praxis—Core Academic Skills for Educators
Credits for this Program Include:
Teachers for Tomorrow I (1 Credit)
Teachers for Tomorrow II (1 Credit)
Leadership OR
Economics/Personal Finance (1 Credit)

Preferred Aptitudes
Enjoy working with younger students